Unique solutions

Our sound event detector can be integrated with other technology systems to create a complete security solution and provide a new form of passive security by essentially adding EARS to the existing security solutions.

SED can detect:

  • Shooting
  • Glass Shattering
  • Panicked screams
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Graffity spray
  • Grinder
  • Drill

SED can localize event

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When at least three devices detect the same hazardous situation, the exact location of the sound source is triangulated and displayed to the user.

SED and event detection

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Measure noise and heatmaps

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SED can measure the loudness in its environment and track urban noise; this is done by tracking decibel levels. Users can display either the actual noise level or the average noise level.


We enable the integration of sending events from the device into a third-party software solution. Integration can be done to all software platforms that provide access over an open API interface.

We currently have integration with Genetec, Milestone, Axis Camera Station, IVISEC, Gina and other security software.

We recently integrated our SW into Axis cameras, so in all places where are cameras from Axis, there is only a necessity to attach a microphone to the camera and SED can be directly integrated and run within the camera itself.


SED devices communicate with user applications over a central node. The server redirects the communication messages between the devices and the users. It does not handle or process the incoming data. The communication is encrypted.

The software solution and user application come fully integrated and ready for immediate use to provide all the information from connected devices in real-time.

Custom coverage design

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The SW solution comes with a very intuitive user application that is precompiled as a native mobile or desktop version and can be customized to suit your needs.

Easy to use anywhere

Our SED device is ready to operate in both indoor and outdoor situations. The integrated GSM/GPRS module ensures operability anywhere where the network is available and requires minimum data.

Devices features include:

  • Events are processed directly in the device, so no ethical issues are encountered
  • Works on a GSM network and requires minimum data to operate
  • Range of 60400+ meters depending on the type of event and its direction from the source

Outdoor solution

  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +60°C
  • Durable polycarbonate enclosure IP 67 certified
  • An integrated GSM or UTP network ensures operability anywhere where the network is available and requires minimum data
  • Highly customizable (white label)
  • Possible to install in remote locations, with GSM and battery version (per request)
  • The device comes with an outdoor installation kit

Indoor solution

  • Install in minutes since the device is prepared for wall mounting
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +60°C
  • Durable polycarbonate enclosure IP 67 certified
  • UTP network that requires minimum data
  • Minimal maintenance

Just adds another sense to the cameras – an ear.

Hardware for remote locations

Battery powered version – works up to
30h from the battery, charges automatically
when power is restored

Solar powered version – powered from
10w solar panel and battery

Low device consumption ~ 1w

Get in touch

We will be more than happy to assist. If you’re interested in our sound detector, we can call or meet and discuss all the benefits we’re sure our solution can provide to you!

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