SED: Camera version

August 16, 2023

Over the last six months we have devoted our time and effort to innovating our SED (Sound Event Detector). This innovation has the potential to change the way dangerous situations can be monitored.

Capturing aggressive behaviour: with sound and image

The camera version of the SED provides the operator with a broader overview of the critical event compared to the conventional version. Thanks to alerts from the camera version of SED, the operator not only gets a short audio recording, but also images capturing public order violations. The operator is thus able to assess whether a breach of the peace is actually occurring and, if necessary, send an Integrated Rescue System (IRS) call to the scene.

Sound Event Detector, Kamerová verze
Sound Event Detector | Camera version

Many times cheaper than CCTV

The potential for the use of the camera version of SED is mainly in places where there is no infrastructure for CCTV systems. Building a CCTV system is an investment that can amount up to one million crowns. The acquisition of SED is many times cheaper compared to the acquisition of CCTV.

The financial complexity of building a new camera system will be illustrated by the example of Brno and Ústí nad Labem, which took place last year or this year.

Purchase 1 × New camera point, BrnoPurchase 1 × New camera point, Ústí nad Labem
1,400,000 CZK (58 175 €).1,200,000 CZK (49 864 €).
The cost of Czech cities to the new camera point.

Financial requirements for the acquisition of the Sound Event Detector (SED) in the camera version.

Purchase 1 × SED Camera versionInstallation 1 × SED Camera version
Approximately 35 000 CZK (1 450 €).In the range of 3 500 to 5 000 CZK (145 € to 208 €).
The cost of acquiring the SED camera version.

The price for the purchase of five SED detectors with installation is CZK 200,000. The total amount for the purchase of the SED camera version is then 35 times lower than the purchase of five camera points in Brno and 30 times lower than the purchase of five camera points in Ústí nad Labem.

Another advantage of purchasing the SED camera version is that it does not require complex building of the necessary infrastructure for its use, as for camera points. The SED can simply be mounted on a pole or wall without the need to install data cabling.

Building camera system infrastructure vs. acquiring and installing SED.

Technical solution of the camera version of SED

The SED camera version only sends images when a dangerous event is detected, for this reason the data consumption remains manageable even when using a GSM module and M2M SIM card.

Integrated battery

Like the classic SED version, the camera version has an integrated battery and can be installed in locations where there is no permanent power supply.

Recording images of a dangerous event

The SED camera version takes a picture of its surroundings approximately every 2 seconds at an angle of 160°. The Sound Event Detector sends images to the operator shortly before and after the detected event so that the operator can review what preceded the detected event to assess the severity of the situation.

Transmission of information to the operator

If a dangerous event is detected, the SED sends the images to the operator. These images can be viewed by the operator either using our SED app or displayed as part of a video stream in any VMS supporting the ONVIF Profile S standard.

For use in public spaces and indoors

The SED camera version can be used in public spaces such as parks, streets, public areas around buildings and can be installed in places such as public lighting, poles or trees. The SED can also be used indoors, in which case its most common installation is on the walls of buildings.

SED Aplikace, Snímek a zvukové upozornění
SED Application | Screenshot and sound alert

Main advantages of the SED camera version

▶️ Quick check of a dangerous event: image + sound.

▶️ Integrated battery.

▶️ No need for data infrastructure.

▶️ Images are taken at an angle of 160°.

▶️ Can be added to an existing CCTV solution.

▶️ Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Purchase a Sound Event Detector (SED) to enhance the protection of people and property. Quick contact with emergency services can be crucial to saving lives. We’d be happy to introduce you to the SED detector and tell you more about how this innovative sound detection technology can help.

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SED save the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Helps to safe more lives.

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