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May 25, 2023

The SED in the Krkonoše National Park will help to detect unauthorized entry of drivers and alert park rangers.

Until now, it has not been possible to detect drivers entering the KRNAP, at all or not quickly enough, and so the vegetation has been disturbed.

A motor vehicle can be detected by the Sound Event Detector from several tens or lower hundreds of metres away. This gives sufficient space to wake up the camera to capture the perpetrator. To ensure that the detector does not appear disturbing in nature, we have prepared the device in green.

Czech Television Report | Sound Event Detector in Krkonoše National Park

“A car without a permit to enter a mountain meadow can cause damage to the vegetation at that moment, but in any case the overabundance of moving vehicles in the national park causes hikers to have to jump out of the way,” said KRNAP spokesman Radek Drahný.

You can watch the video report on our youtube channel JALUD Embedded.

SED can detect gunshots, glass breaking, screaming and aggression, graffiti and spray, grinding and drilling.

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SED save the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Helps to safe more lives.

Every second matters

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