100% GDPR compliant
Detects event within 5 seconds
Protection of soft targets

Sound Event Detector (SED) – security solution

Sound detectors in healthcare facilities offer many benefits such as personnel safety or personnel monitoring. We are increasingly witnessing violence against health and social service workers year after year. There is also aggressive behaviour among patients themselves. SED is a complex hospital safety and security solution.

Mitigating dangerous situations with audio detectors can be applied wherever there is a risk of injury or danger itself. The audio event detector can be used, for example, in waiting rooms, in corridors of medical facilities, in parking structures, or outdoor areas of hospitals.

The sound detector reacts with real-time precision and quickly alerts the hospital security guards to the danger.

With SED, there is no loss of precious seconds, 

that are spent calling law enforcement.

Sound Event Detector | Event location

Monitoring in healthcare

The Sound Event Detector revolutionizes audio care with advanced sound detection and audio analytics. Equipped with intelligent systems, the SED can accurately monitor and analyse different sound patterns in a healthcare environment – “sound healthcare”.

Our innovative technology enables the detection of critical sound events, ensures timely response by security forces, and can also enhance patient safety.

SED | Internal use of University Hospital Pilsen
SED | External use of University Hospital Pilsen

Simulated attack at the Central Military Hospital in Prague

In September, we had the unique opportunity to visit the Central Military Hospital, where a realistic exercise of members of the Police of the Czech Republic in the area of simulated attack took place. During this exercise, we had the opportunity to test our innovative Sound Event Detector (SED) product, which was developed to detect aggressive shouting in environments with high background noise.

SED | Central Military Hospital | Aggressive Scream Detection

SED customized alerts

Medical device alarms occur in hospital and social care facilities. 

For example, a sound event detector can be taught to react to specific sounds in given environments and then set to alert on these sounds that indicate a dangerous situation. Increase the hospital safety and security with SED.

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Dangerous situation example

The alert of the sound detector can be illustrated in the example of a fight between patients in a hospital room. The patients in the hospital room start verbally attacking each other and the situation escalates into physical violence.

The response to aggressive behaviour of patients is to raise the alarm of the medical facility or to call the relevant security guards. 

Reporting the emergency situation by telephone will delay the security response. Security arrives too late to the dangerous situation and aggressive individuals are not pacified in time. 

As a result, the aggressors are seriously injured, other patients are injured and hospital staff are injured. 

The patient has a medical problem and is unable to reach for the call button to alert staff who cannot hear their call.

The Sound Event Detector immediately detects the aggressive screams of the attackers and sends a signal to the hospital dispatchers.

Thanks to the sound detector’s alert, the dispatchers immediately react and send security guards to the sudden, life-threatening situation to pacify the aggressors.

The SED records the patient’s call for help and immediately alerts the operator.

Case studies

Case study University Hospital Pilsen
How we implemented our solution in FN Pilsen.

Primary SED features

Instant area coverage
Sound Event Detector automatically detects the area in 360° and reacts to a dangerous situation within 5 seconds. This significantly reduces the response time of security guards, which on average is up to 7 minutes. Thanks to SED, the emergency call is digitised, making it faster and more accurate.
Software compatibility
SED comes with its own dedicated security software (VMS) free of charge, but is compatible with other third-party VMS for direct integration with the camera system via API (ONVIF/RestAPI) and also mechanically thanks to the integrated relay.
No-limitation usecase
SED can be used both indoors and outdoors.
100% GDPR compliant
The use of the SED is GDPR compliant. Our solution does not record sound, it only sends meta-information, so it cannot identify a specific person and misuse personal data.

Mentions in media

Hospital to test a new safety feature.
A pilot project to improve the safety of patients, employees and visitors is being planned on the premises of the Hospital. JALUD Embedded has introduced an innovative sound detector that adds another sensory organ to cameras - the ear.

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