We’ve organised the security conference

May 30, 2023

In May, a conference was held in the Tech Tower in Pilsen, which was organized under the auspices of the City of Pilsen, the Ministry of the Interior – Department of Crime Prevention and the Association of Technical Security Services. The conference was entitled Effective solutions for security, traffic and crime prevention in the city.

The aim of the conference was to acquaint the participants with the current trends in modern technological solutions that enable effective analysis and planning, ensure safety and crime prevention.

The conference attracted 100 attendees from the public and private sectors concerned with public and property safety. The conference was attended primarily by city and municipal police chiefs, representatives of city and county governments, crime prevention department personnel, and state police representatives.

At the conference we had the opportunity to talk with Veronika Kučerová, Crime Prevention Manager in the Central Bohemia Region. You can read the full interview in the weekly newsletter Crime Prevention News, where you can find out, for example, how we came up with the idea to establish the company JALUD Embedded and invent the SED sound detector.

CEO JALUD Embedded | Lukáš Svoboda

“First of all, these are detectors that significantly reduce the average time it takes for the emergency services to record an incident from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. In this way, it makes a significant contribution to the protection of human lives.”

You can watch the video from the conference on our youtube channel JALUD Embedded.

SED save the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Helps to safe more lives.

Every second matters

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