SED: Great results during simulated attack

October 31, 2023

A recent simulated attack, conducted by the Police of the Czech Republic at a Prague gymnasium, served not only to train and improve the reactivity of security forces, but also as an important test of our Sound Event Detector (SED) product. The SED had excellent results during the simulated attack and successfully detected aggressive behavior, panic screaming and shooting.

Innovative detector

The Sound Event Detector is a sophisticated device that has been developed to identify various sounds associated with aggressive behaviour and potential threats. The device is equipped with advanced microphones and a software algorithm that allows it to identify sounds such as panic screams, gunshots and other sounds associated with violence.

SED technology as an effective tool for crime prevention

During the exercise, when the actors of the simulated attack tried to imitate the real situation, the SED was able to immediately identify aggression, aggressive shouting and shooting. In a real-world environment, SED’s rapid response would allow CCTV operators to deploy security forces more quickly and efficiently, which is key to minimizing risk and responding quickly to crisis situations.

The results of this simulated attack and SED detector testing show that modern technology can play a key role in keeping our schools and public places safe. The detection of audio signals can be a critical element for early identification and response to potential threats.

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SED save the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Helps to safe more lives.

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