SED: Pilsen purchased more SED detectors

March 22, 2024

Plzeň has expanded its municipal camera system (MKS) by seven new locations, where security is monitored by modern camera systems. It has thus strengthened security elements in selected locations in the city. The main reason is to prevent crime, protect public and private property, increase security and help solve crime. All the new so-called camera points have been equipped with modern cameras as well as sound detectors made by the Pilsen-based startup JALUD Embedded.

Currently, the MKS consists of three hundred cameras and several client workplaces, including the security dispatching centre of the municipal police. From January 2024, the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen (SITMP) is responsible for the operation and development of the system.

SED: Outdoor variant on the lamp.

“Last year I negotiated CZK 5 million from the city’s budget surplus to expand the camera system to selected locations in Pilsen. Now, along with other systems, modern cameras with the help of artificial intelligence watch over our safety, lives and property. As a fundamental emphasis and as a condition for using the camera system, we have introduced strict measures to protect the privacy of people,” said Daniel Kůs, Pilsen City Councillor for Smart Cities and Business Support.

“I would like to thank the Information Technology Administration and Councillor Daniel Kůs for their work on strengthening the city’s CCTV system. At the same time, I also thank the state and city police for identifying the most suitable locations for the cameras. I believe that they will serve and contribute to improving the safety of citizens,” said Councillor for Security Jiří Winkelhöfer.

SED: Outdoor variant in green design.

The city installed sound detectors and high-resolution, optical zoom, pan-tilt/zoom cameras in the new locations. The camera points are mostly located at street intersections or in areas with frequent traffic. Specifically, the camera points are located in Korandova x Plachého, Korandova x Nerudova, Kardinála Berana x Nerudova, Modřínová x Zahradní, Zahradní x Hradiště, Sady 5. května x Solní x Karlovarská and in Karel Steiner Street near the shopping centre. SITMP also installed eight sound detectors in the university campus in Borey.

“Since January this year, our organisation has been managing the city’s CCTV system. This means that we not only handle the installation of new camera points in selected locations for security or traffic monitoring purposes, but we are also responsible for the smooth operation of the entire system, its management and development,” said Luděk Šantora, director of SITMP.

Pilsen started the modernisation of the MKS in 2008. The work was divided into several implementation stages, when the number of installed cameras was increased and outdated equipment was replaced and client workplaces were gradually built. That is, places where the state or municipal police work with image and sound data.


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