SED helped to save a human life!

August 17, 2023

The town of Dubí recently experienced a dramatic police intervention, but it had a happy ending thanks to modern technology. There was a serious street brawl in which one of the participants found himself in a life-threatening condition. However, thanks to an innovative device called the Sound Event Detector (SED), the emergency services were able to intervene quickly and provide him with the necessary assistance.

The City of Dubí faces problems with insufficient police patrols to maintain order and public safety. The lack of patrols has led to fears of uncontrolled situations where there is not a quick enough response to emergencies. That is why the local authorities decided to invest in a modern solution: the installation of four SED sound detectors in the streets of Dubí, where night-time disturbances often occur.

Commander of MP Dubí talks about saving a life with the help of the SED detector.

The Sound Event Detector (SED) is an innovative technology that can detect different sound events in a specific environment. This can include gunshots, explosions, urban noise, glass breaking or, as it turned out in this case, aggressive verbal exchanges and street fights. Thanks to advanced algorithms, SED can quickly identify dangerous situations and automatically activate warning systems or notify emergency services.

The first week after the installation of the SED sound detector in Dubí showed its enormous potential. During one evening a serious fight took place in the street and one of the participants in the fight had his heart stopped. Thanks to the SED alert, the CCTV operator sent a patrol of the municipal police to the scene of the fight. On the scene, the patrol provided the victim with the necessary first aid. Without SED, the response time for the arrival of the city police would likely have been longer and the situation could have had fatal consequences.

The Sound Event Detector is a unique assistant for the city of Dubí, helping to improve the security situation and respond quickly to dangerous events. Its successful detection during a recent street brawl showed that modern technology can be a key element in ensuring public order and saving lives. Thanks to the SED, the City of Dubí now has the ability to respond more quickly and effectively to crisis situations, bringing a greater level of safety and security to its citizens.

SED | Camera version | Classic version | Classic version in green

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SED save the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Helps to safe more lives.

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