Event: Conference “Safe City in Mladá Boleslav”

November 1, 2023

Last week we attended the conference “Safe City” organized by the Central Bohemia Region.

Introducing audio-analysis as a tool for crime prevention

Our company had the opportunity to shine when our CEO, Lukáš Svoboda, gave a presentation entitled “Audio analysis as crime prevention – modern technologies of sound analysis and experience from the practice of municipal police and abroad.” Lukáš shared his extensive experience in the field of audio analysis and showed the potential of this modern technology to improve safety in urban environments.

The conference took place at the ŠKODA Museum in Mladá Boleslav, which gave the event a unique atmosphere. This interesting combination of safety innovation and historic ŠKODA cars provided an inspiring environment for discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Audio analysis in practice

This two-day event also included a workshop entitled “Practical Application of Audio Analysis in Crime Prevention,” where practical demonstrations were presented.

We are thrilled to have been part of this conference and to have been able to contribute to the development of safety in our cities.

Team JALUD Embedded | Alena Rabušicová and Lukáš Svoboda

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