They can hear a dangerous or critical event up to 250 m away.
Effective prevention against violence and vandalism.
In accordance with GDPR.
Real-time event detection.

Where can SED sound detection help?

KRNAP – Park in a protected nature area

In the Krkonoše National Park, they had difficulty effectively detecting unauthorized entries and park rangers were often unable to respond in time, resulting in damage to local vegetation. The KRNAP, therefore, decided to use SED to detect unauthorized driver entry.

The Sound Event Detector will alert park rangers as soon as unauthorised entry into local area occurs. Thanks to our detection system, rangers are able to identify motor vehicles at a distance of tens to hundreds of meters, providing enough time to activate the cameras and record the offender.

To minimize disturbance to the natural environment, we designed the SED in green, so they can easily blend into the surrounding park environment.

Sound Event Detector | Peacekeeping in the national park

Critical infrastructure protection

Nuclear power plants

SEDs can also be used in nuclear power plant environments as an element of passive security. Its ability to detect and react to sound events makes it ideal for safety monitoring and detecting potential problems in the perimeter of a nuclear power plant.

The SoundEventDetector can identify characteristic sound signals associated with unusual events that could indicate possible safety hazards.

This would enable the SED to detect potential problems quickly and accurately, helping to ensure the smooth operation of the nuclear power plant and minimising the risk to personnel and the environment.

The use of our sound detector in nuclear power plants would provide an advanced level of monitoring and protection to help maintain a high level of safety in this critical sector of the energy industry.

Railway carriages

The SED is capable of picking up the characteristic sounds associated with surface disturbance and the application of illegal graffiti such as the sound of spray paint. Once the SED detects these suspicious sounds, it would be able to immediately raise an alarm and send the information to the security centre.

The SED would thus allow for rapid intervention by security guards, which would increase the likelihood of detecting and apprehending the sprayers. 

With SED, railway companies could proactively prevent vandalism, minimize damage to carriages and keep public transport in better condition.

Do you have specific requirements for SED and sound detection?

We are able to create a detection of the sound of your choice and we can also create a different colour variant of the detector. Do not hesitate to contact us for specific sound detection solution.

Primary SED features

Detects the area at 360°

Sound Event Detector (SED) automatically detects the area at 360° and reacts to a dangerous situation within 5 seconds. This significantly reduces the response time of security forces, which on average is up to 7 minutes. Thanks to SED, the emergency call is digitized, making it faster and more accurate.

Software compatibility

SED comes with its own dedicated security software (VMS) free of charge, but is compatible with other third-party VMS for direct integration with the camera system via API (ONVIF/RestAPI) and also mechanically thanks to an integrated relay.

No-limitation usecase

The SED detector can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's thanks to the well-crafted case.

100% GDPR compliant

The use of SED is GDPR compliant. Our solution does not record sound, it only sends meta-information, so it cannot identify a specific person and misuse personal data.

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