It will warn of a shot within 250 metres.
Detection of gunshot sound within 5 seconds.
Reduces security response time.
Event is reported where the sound event occurred.

Aggressive behavior involving gunshots on city streets, in shopping malls and other public places is becoming increasingly common, that’s why gunshot detection monitoring is a crucial aspect of public safety. This kind of violence has a devastating impact on citizens and creates an atmosphere of fear, insecurity, and unease in public spaces. The Sound Event Detector employs advanced algorithms to detect and analyze shot sounds.

The SED detects a shot within 5 seconds and up to 250+ metres.

Sound Event Detector | Event location

Public safety

The implementation of a Sound Event Detector (SED), specifically designed for gun shots, has proven to be highly effective in enhancing public safety. By leveraging advanced audio analysis algorithms, the system can accurately detect and classify gun shots in real time.

Quick response

This feature enables individuals to receive instant notifications, ensuring their awareness of potential threats. Moreover, the integration of SED technology for gun shot detection with local law enforcement/agencies into the respective VMS allows for swift and efficient responses to active shooter situations.

By significantly reducing police response time to active incidents, the SED technology has the potential to save lives and prevent further harm in critical situations.

The deployment of a cutting-edge shot detection system SED has revolutionized security measures in various situations. This advanced SED technology utilizes sophisticated algorithms to swiftly and accurately identify the sound signature of gun shots.

By leveraging a state-of-the-art gunshot detection with SED, the system can quickly analyze the unique characteristics of gunshot sounds, distinguishing them from other ambient noises. The integration of this shooter system enhances situational awareness and enables rapid response to potential threats, ensuring the safety of individuals within the monitored area.

Primary SED features

Detects the area at 360°

SoundEventDetector (SED) automatically detects the area at 360° and reacts to a dangerous situation within 5 seconds. This significantly reduces the response time of security forces, which on average is up to 7 minutes. Thanks to SED, the emergency call is digitized, making it faster and more accurate.

Software compatibility

SoundEventDetector (SED) comes with its own dedicated security software (VMS) free of charge, but is compatible with other third-party VMS for direct integration with the camera system via API (ONVIF/RestAPI) and also mechanically thanks to an integrated relay.

No-limitation usecase

The detector can be used both indoors and outdoors situations. It's thanks to the well-crafted case.

100% GDPR compliant

The use of SoundEventDetector (SED) is GDPR compliant. Our solution does not record sound, it only sends meta-information, so it cannot identify a specific person and misuse personal data.

Mentions in media

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