Glass break

Detects glass breakage up to 70 metres away.
Sound detection within 5 seconds.
Reduces security response time.
Event is reported where the sound event occurred.

Unfortunately, verbal assault sometimes goes beyond verbal expression and ends in violent acts, such as smashing a shop window in the city. Fortunately, a glass break detector can monitor such behavior and instantly localize the event and alert help. This form of aggression not only causes material damage but also creates a sense of insecurity and fear among people. Moreover, a broken shop window can cause serious injuries.

The SED detects glass breakage within 5 seconds

and up to 70 metres away.

Sound Event Detector | Event location

The sound event glass break detector identifies and responds to glass breaking sounds. Thanks to SED technology, it can accurately analyze sound signals in real-time and promptly detect and classify glass breakage events. This enables an immediate alert to be sent to security personnel or the relevant authorities.

SED increases the overall efficiency of security systems and provides an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access or vandalism. Get your unique glass break detector solution.

Primary SED features

Detects the area at 360°

Sound Event Detector (SED) automatically detects the area at 360° and reacts to a dangerous situation within 5 seconds. This significantly reduces the response time of security forces, which on average is up to 7 minutes. Thanks to SED, the emergency call is digitized, making it faster and more accurate.

Software compatibility

SED comes with its own dedicated security software (VMS) free of charge, but is compatible with other third-party VMS for direct integration with the camera system via API (ONVIF/RestAPI) and also mechanically thanks to an integrated relay.

No-limitation usecase

The SED detector can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's thanks to the well-crafted case.

100% GDPR compliant

The use of SED is GDPR compliant. Our solution does not record sound, it only sends meta-information, so it cannot identify a specific person and misuse personal data.

Mentions in media

Shattered glass of a parked vehicle alarmed police thanks to the SED technology.
One of the devices in city alerted officers to a glass-break noise. It was all the fault of drunk homeless people, who also damaged the parked car.

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