Car alarm and siren

Effective protection of property against vandalism.
Detects event within 5 seconds.
It detects events in real time.
In accordance with GDPR.

Especially with the increasing number of cars in cities, it is essential to effectively monitor parking lots and other areas, and our SED detector plays a key role in this regard. As soon as a car alarm is triggered, the detector detects the sound and alerts the security forces.

Sound Event Detector | Event location

In the future, siren detection will play a key role in alerting autonomous cars. In the event that an emergency vehicle approaches an intersection at high speed, an autonomous vehicle with SED technology will assess the situation in time and react correctly.

In the future, SED will enable the detection of the correct functioning of hazard-signalling controls in cities or in hard-to-reach locations such as mines.

The Sound Event Detector does not violate data protection principles and can therefore be installed even where a camera system cannot be, for example, due to GDPR violations or due to the costly implementation.

How is it possible that the SED detector does not violate the privacy policy? SED only detects and alerts on specific impulsive sounds such as gunshots, aggression, panic screams, glass breaking and vandalism. The great advantage of the SED is that it can be installed in places where cameras cannot be, such as toilets, cloakrooms and other places without CCTV.

Primary SED features

Detects the area at 360°

Sound Event Detector (SED) automatically detects the area at 360° and reacts to a dangerous situation within 5 seconds. This significantly reduces the response time of security forces, which on average is up to 7 minutes. Thanks to SED, the emergency call is digitized, making it faster and more accurate.

Software compatibility

SED comes with its own dedicated security software (VMS) free of charge, but is compatible with other third-party VMS for direct integration with the camera system via API (ONVIF/RestAPI) and also mechanically thanks to an integrated relay.

No-limitation usecase

The SED detector can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's thanks to the well-crafted case.

100% GDPR compliant

The use of  SED is GDPR compliant. Our solution does not record sound, it only sends meta-information, so it cannot identify a specific person and misuse personal data.

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