Sound event detector (SED) is an all-in-one solution for dangerous events monitoring and saving time, resources, and lives. Sound detection devices can not only inform the emergency or security about the exact event location but also about specific sounds and their classification, helping you understand what’s going on.

The SED alert to a dangerous event within 5 seconds.

Aggressive behaviour involving gunshots on city streets, in shopping malls and other public places is becoming increasingly common. SED detects a shot within 5 seconds.

Verbal assault sometimes goes beyond verbal attack and ends in violent acts, such as smashing a shop window in the city. SED detects glass breakage within 5 seconds.

Accurate and regular noise measurements in cities help to identify noise sources that affect the quality of life of residents. SED detectors can monitor sound intensity in different parts of the city.

Aggressive behavior in cities is a serious problem that affects the safety and residents’ well-being. SED detects aggressive behaviour within 5 seconds.

Illegal graffiti appears in various places, especially in public buildings, bridges, railway carriages, public transport stops, or on road signs. SED can detect spray sounds within 5 seconds.

Vandalism using a grinder or drill is a form of vandalism in which vandals destroy public and private property. SED detects the grinder and drill sound within 5 seconds.

Especially with the increasing amount of cars in cities, efficient monitoring of the parking and other areas is an important thing our SED detector is helping with.

We are able to extend the event database for your exact needs, creating a customized and robust solution for your area. Get in touch with us and discuss requirements.

SED reduces the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds which results in saving more lives.

Every second matters.

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