Student safety and security

April 29, 2024

These days, we never know when students might become victims of a violent act, so their safety is a priority. One of the key elements of ensuring student safety can be the use of reliable Sound Event Detector (SED) technology to speed up the intervention of security forces in the event of a violent event.

Czech Television Report | How will SED detectors speed up the intervention of security forces?

SED detectors do not violate GDPR with reliable detection of audio events such as aggressive behavior, panic screams, gunshots or glass breaking. The main reasons for purchasing SED detectors:

▶️ Security forces will be alerted within 5 seconds of the incident.

▶️ They will warn of gunshots, panicked screaming, aggressive behaviour, glass breaking and vandalism.

▶️ They do not violate the privacy of individuals.

▶️ Quick installation without the need for high technical infrastructure.

▶️ Ensuring security: this technology provides reliable protection for areas where security cameras cannot be installed. In the event of a shooting, the SED will alert security forces almost immediately.

▶️ GDPR Compliance: The use of SED detectors makes it possible to protect students without violating GDPR regulations related to the monitoring and recording of personal data.

▶️ Flexibility and efficiency: SED detectors offer a flexible and efficient way to protect sensitive areas that cannot be routinely monitored with traditional security measures.

Selection of suitable SED detectorsWe offer 4 variants of SED detectors: for indoor use, for outdoor use, software for security cameras and SED with built-in camera.
Location of detectorsDetectors will be strategically placed in classrooms, corridors, cloakrooms and other sensitive areas of the school to cover all areas at risk.
Setup and calibrationEach detector will be carefully set up and calibrated to optimise performance and minimise false alarms.
Integration with security systemSED detectors will be installed at selected locations in the school. In the event of a dangerous sound event, they will alert the security forces and speed up their intervention.
SED detectors implementation procedure.

For more information on the technical specifications and features of our audio event detection solution, visit Solutions. Which specific sound events can the SED alert on? Read on Detection.

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SED save the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Helps to safe more lives.

Every second matters

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