Protection external borders

April 25, 2024

Let us assume that the Schengen area, with its extensive external borders, needs to be protected for the security and stability of the entire European Union. Unauthorised entry across these borders poses a serious security risk and requires effective measures to protect them.

In this case study, we will focus on how the SED (Sound Event Detector) can effectively assist in the protection of external borders in the Schengen area.

Our innovative Sound Event Detector (SED) product incorporates state-of-the-art technology for audio event detection. Adding SED to existing security solutions will minimize the consequences of dangerous events, increase life saving and minimize property damage.

▶️ Protecting external borders.

▶️ Instant notification of selected sound events.

▶️ Speeding up the response of security forces to sound events.

▶️ Real-time site analysis.

▶️ It reports the event in real time.

▶️ It can also be used where cameras cannot be.

▶️ Does not violate personal privacy – 100% GDPR compliance.

▶️ Can be used outdoors, indoors or as software.

▶️ Simple installation with low technical infrastructure requirements.

▶️ Software integration is possible in cameras with an open application platform.

The SED detector uses an AI algorithm to detect, classify and alert on dangerous or critical audio events. It is not a noise sensor.

Step 0: ADAPTATIONIt learns common sounds in the environment.
Step 1: DETECTIONDetects an unwanted impulse sound event.
Step 2: EXTRACTIONAnalyzes incoming audio signals and extracts audio features.
Step 3: CLASSIFICATIONIt classifies events and detects if the sound is unwanted.
Step 4: RESULTThe alarm alerts when an event is classified as undesirable.
Step 5: NOTIFICATIONThe system will report the incident and help can be on the way immediately.

In the framework of our case study, we implement SED detectors at key sections of the external borders of the Schengen area. During monitoring, we observed a significant improvement in the ability to detect unauthorised intrusions. Dozens of cases of suspicious activities that might otherwise have escaped attention were detected and recorded thanks to SEDs.

One of the most notable cases occurred when an SED detector identified a group of people attempting to cross the border illegally. Thanks to the alert from the SED detector, a quick intervention of the security forces was carried out and the group of persons was apprehended before they were able to carry out any illegal activity in the Schengen area. (Note: This is only a draft of the result of the SED implementation.)

Map of the Schengen area. (Source: Wikipedia)

The implementation of SED detectors for the protection of external borders in the Schengen area will strengthen the security features for the detection of unauthorised intrusion and increase the level of security of the whole area.

The Audio Event Detection System provides a fast and efficient way to detect suspicious activity. Augmenting the security features with SED detectors will enable security forces to react more quickly and minimise the risks associated with unauthorised intrusion across the external Schengen border.

See how SED alerts the police to disturbances of the night.

SED save the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Helps to safe more lives.

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