Protecting employee safety in risky places

April 12, 2024

Companies often face challenges when it comes to the safety of their employees in locations where security cameras cannot be installed due to GDPR regulations.

In this case study, we will look at a solution for protecting the changing rooms of an industrial site using Sound Event Detector (SED) devices that comply with data protection regulations.

A locker room in an industrial area (Illustration).

In one survey, it was reported that 55 percent of employees in India have experienced workplace bullying, which can include humiliation of managers or subordinate employees through verbal abuse or mental torture. (Source:

A large industrial estate is facing problems protecting employee changing rooms. There have already been several incidents of physical assaults between company employees in the locker rooms. The company’s management only became aware of the violence a few weeks after the incident, based on information from an employee who reported the incident.

In order to get the information about the aggressive behaviour of the employees to the company’s security forces faster, the company looked for a solution to control the security of the changing rooms. The acquisition of security cameras to check for aggression in the changing rooms is not possible because the cameras violate GDPR regulations and are thus undesirable from the point of view of employee privacy.

The company, which owns an industrial site, conducted market research on security technologies that do not violate GDPR and selected SED detectors with reliable detection of sound events such as aggressive behaviour, panic screams, gunshots or glass breakage. The main reasons for purchasing SED detectors:

▶️ They do not violate the privacy of individuals.

▶️ It reports the sudden event within 5 seconds of the incident.

▶️ Quick installation without the need for high technical infrastructure.

▶️ Easy user interface for the dispatcher.

▶️ GDPR compliance: the use of SED detectors makes it possible to protect locker rooms without violating GDPR regulations related to the monitoring and recording of personal data.

▶️ Ensuring security: this technology provides reliable protection for areas where security cameras cannot be installed. The SED will alert security forces in the event of an employee being attacked.

▶️ Flexibility and efficiency: SED detectors offer a flexible and efficient way to protect sensitive areas that cannot be routinely monitored with traditional security measures.

Selection of suitable SED detectorsJALUD Embedded offers 3 variants of SED detectors. SED detectors for indoor use have been purchased for changing rooms.
Location of detectorsThe detectors were strategically placed in locker rooms and other sensitive areas to cover all potentially high-risk locations.
Setup and calibrationEach detector has been carefully set up and calibrated to optimise performance and minimise false alarms.
Integration with security systemThe SED detectors have been integrated with the company’s existing security system, which enables an immediate response in case of detection of suspicious events.
SED detectors implementation procedure.

An industrial company has successfully implemented SED detectors as an effective solution to protect employees in locker rooms and other sensitive areas where security cameras cannot be installed due to GDPR regulations. SED detectors provide reliable protection for employees, including company property and premises. They are compliant with employee privacy and do not violate GDPR regulations.

SED save the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Helps to safe more lives.

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