Monument protection

May 7, 2024

The protection of historic sites and buildings under conservation is a challenge as these sites are often at risk of vandalism. Traditional security systems can be ineffective in detecting or responding quickly to specific activities such as spray graffiti and glass breakage.

Solutions for the protection of monuments

The Sound Event Detector (SED) provides an innovative solution for the protection of historic monuments and buildings by being able to detect specific sound events associated with vandalism, such as spray graffiti, glass breakage or drill/drill grinding.

▶️ It does not violate the privacy of persons.

▶️ Quick installation without the need for high technical infrastructure.

▶️ Security forces will be alerted within 5 seconds of the incident.

▶️ They will warn of gunshots, panicked screaming, aggressive behaviour, glass breaking and vandalism.

Objectives of SED installation

▶️ Immediate detection and response: thanks to SED, the average response time to an incident is significantly reduced, enabling fast and effective action.

▶️ Specific detection: the SED detects specific sound events associated with vandalism, minimizing false alarms and increasing the effectiveness of cultural heritage protection.

▶️ Protection of monuments and buildings: the SED helps protect valuable historic sites and monuments from damage and loss of cultural value.

Sound Event Detector | SED | Graffiti spray detection test

SED implementation

SEDs are installed at strategic locations around protected monuments and buildings. Its ability to detect specific sounds associated with vandalism allows for an immediate response by security forces. If activity such as spray graffiti or glass breakage is detected, the SED will immediately alert to the danger and allow for quick action.

Selection of suitable SED detectorsNabízíme 4 varianty SED detektorů: pro vnitřní použití, pro venkovní použití, software do bezpečnostních kamer a SED se zabudovanou kamerou.
Location of detectorsDetektory budou strategicky umístěny k pokrytí veškerých rizikových míst.
Setup and calibrationEach detector will be carefully set up and calibrated to optimise performance and minimise false alarms.
Integration with security systemIn the event of a dangerous sound event, the SED detectors will alert the security forces and speed up their intervention.
SED detectors implementation procedure.

For more information on the technical specifications and features of our audio event detection solution, visit Solutions. Which specific sound events can the SED alert on? Read on Detection.

Výsledek instalace SED

With the implementation of the Sound Event Detector, the protection of historical monuments and buildings under conservation can be improved in an effective way. The ability to detect vandalism such as spray graffiti, glass breakage, or even the use of a grinder or drill will allow for quick and effective action by security forces. Thus, the SED detector will help to quickly and effectively protect cultural monuments for future generations.

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SED save the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Helps to safe more lives.

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