How does SED help municipal police?

April 24, 2024

SED (Sound Event Detector) is an innovative technology that uses advanced sensors and algorithms to detect sound events and enable rapid response to potentially dangerous situations.

This case study focuses on the use of SED in the cities of Pilsen and Dubí, where the system played a key role in maintaining urban order and saving lives.

▶️ Protection of public order.

▶️ Instant notification of selected sound events.

▶️ Speeding up the operations centre’s response to emergencies.

▶️ Real-time site analysis.

Audio event detection algorithms are able to detect dangerous situations such as screams, gunshots and glass breakage in real time and send an alarm to the operations centre, automatically turning the cameras in the right direction. (

▶️ Reports the event in real time.

▶️ Can also be used where cameras cannot be.

▶️ Does not violate personal privacy – 100% GDPR compliance.

▶️ Can be used outdoors, indoors or as software.

▶️ Simple installation with low technical infrastructure requirements.

▶️ Software integration is possible in cameras with an open app platform.

Around 80 SED detectors are currently installed in Pilsen (including detectors at the University Hospital Pilsen and detectors at the University of West Bohemia), covering strategic locations in the city such as public spaces and parks.

An example of a successful use of SED is a situation that occurred in the city centre, where the detectors identified a violent conflict and subsequent fight. Thanks to the SED alert, the city police were able to intervene quickly and prevent the escalation of violence. You can watch the incident in video.

You can read the case study focused only on the city of Pilsen on our website.

In Dubí, SED technology was a key element in saving a human life in 2023. At night, detectors picked up sound events indicating a fight between individuals. This incident was quickly identified by the SED and reported to the city police, who took immediate action and prevented further escalation of the conflict. One of the participants in the altercation suddenly had a cardiac arrest and due to the quick response of officers and subsequent first aid, a life was saved and the perpetrators were apprehended.

Watch the video, which the commander of MP Dubí talks about saving a human life thanks to the SED detector at the Security Conference held in Pilsen in 2023.

In Pilsen, SEDs have become a key element in strengthening security and maintaining order in the city. Thanks to the detectors, the police react more quickly to dangerous situations such as conflicts, violent incidents or disturbances of the night. SEDs thus contribute significantly to the residents’ sense of security and improve their quality of life.

In February 2024, Pilsen added new devices to its network of sound event detectors, strengthening the detection of sound events in new locations in the city. The acquisition of additional detectors represents another step in the city’s efforts to improve safety and quality of life for its citizens.

In the case of Dubí, SEDs have literally become a life-saving measure. Thanks to them, a violent incident was detected in which one of the participants’ heart suddenly stopped. Without the arrival of the police and the first aid provided, the situation would have been unfortunate. In this way, the SEDs directly contributed to saving a human life and proved their indispensable importance in critical situations.

SED save the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Helps to safe more lives.

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