Case study Amsterdam

July 27, 2023

Selected locations for the PoC study

Rembrandtplein ranks among the busiest party destinations in Europe and features around 20 clubs, bars and cannabis and coffeeshops. The number of incidents involving street crime and anti-social behaviour increases drastically on Rembrandtplein at weekends.

Another location, Leidseplain is busy, but considered to be a safe place. Anyway, in February 2022, there was a shooting not far from this square, fortunately there were no injuries.

Nieuwmarkt has an above average violent crime rate and a high property crime rate. This bustling neighborhood, just east of the Red-Light district, is one of the oldest parts of Amsterdam. Since the 17th Century it’s been a popular spot for both trade and socializing.

Sound Event Detector (SED) installation targets

▶️ Conflict resolution in the localities.

▶️ Faster response of security forces in case of aggression at selected locations.

▶️ Analysis of the most common problem sites.

Amsterdam – Safety scores by neighbourhood

Problem solving

01 Procedure for solving the orderThe initial analysis and selection of problem locations for the POC installation was chosen by the client, thanks to which we learned the client’s requirements and were able to propose an ideal coverage solution.
02 What a concrete solutionSince the goal was primarily to recognize aggression in the streets and street fights, we chose the 3x Sound Event Detector option for each selected square.
03 Reasons for the chosen solutionThe customer wanted to be able to locate a specific event in the future with the resulting integration into VMS. Glass shatter detection had a lower prio than other classes of interest and the customer limit was 10 devices covering 3 squares.
04 Solving problemsUnfortunately, the customer chose the wrong form of informing the public due to which the devices had to be temporarily dismantled.

Design solutions in time

3 locations selected, equipped with 3×3 devices within the Proof of Concept (PoC).

Project suspended due to GDPR study.

GDPR study provided.

POC project restarted.

Positive evaluation of the project → 20 new locations have been selected to be equipped with detectors.

Planned installations.

Coverage study

Coverage design procedure

  • Chosen three main square locations, designed mainly for scream coverage.
  • The customer’s request was primarily the installation of a device for detecting aggression, scream and shooting.
  • A lower priority was given to the detection of glass-break situations.

Map of coverage

Results of the case study

  • 3 selected sites equipped with 3 × 3 SED devices within the PoC at a cost of €11,000.
  • The PoC evaluation took three months. Implementation due to the official GDPR declaration took almost two years.
  • 20 new locations have been selected for the deployment of 60 detectors. The estimated cost of the contract is €78 000.
  • In future installations, great care should be taken to ensure that when communicating the solution, the client consistently explains what the technology is and that it is fully GDPR compliant.

The amounts mentioned above are indicative only.

SED save the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Helps to safe more lives.

Every second matters

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