Case studies

Monument protection

The protection of historic sites and buildings under conservation is a challenge as these sites are often at risk of vandalism. Traditional security systems can

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Drone detection in prisons

The illegal use of drones is becoming an increasing challenge, especially when it comes to smuggling contraband into prisons and unauthorised intrusions into sensitive locations.

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Case study Pilsen

Impacts of SED use in the streets of Pilsen SED – Sound Event Detector On Sunday evening, an operational officer of the Pilsen Municipal Police

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Case study Amsterdam

Selected locations for the PoC study Rembrandtplein ranks among the busiest party destinations in Europe and features around 20 clubs, bars and cannabis and coffeeshops. The number of

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SED save the average response time of rescue services from 7 minutes to less than 5 seconds. Helps to safe more lives.

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