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We are a Czech technological innovation company from Pilsen. We are JALUD Embedded – Jakub and Lukáš, founders with a passion for new technologies and their development.

We started by specializing in complex creation of 32-bit Embedded solutions and specific mobile applications. At the same time, we integrated and developed these solutions to be operating system independent. Our fast and reliable software application development led us to the idea of inventing a product that would span multiple domains and have a positive social impact.

Our innovative Sound Event Detector (SED) product incorporates state-of-the-art technology for audio event detection. It is a tool to prevent the safety of all residents with regards to their GDPR. It is also a tool that can be used for property security.

SEDs are smart ears that sense critical or dangerous sounds in real time and if it detects these sounds, it immediately sends an alert to security forces.

A positive impact can be cited in an incident that took place in the city of Dubí, where an SED alerted to a fight in progress between two people. Thanks to the alert from our sound detector, the police were called to the scene of the fight and thanks to the quick intervention and subsequent first aid, a human life was saved.


In case of danger, SED immediately calls for help.

  • Alerts in real time to an sound event.
  • Reduces the arrival time of security forces.
  • SED software can be integrated into CCTV systems.
  • Does not require technical infrastructure.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.


“Panicked screams, gunfire or shattering glass. Special sound detectors in Pilsen sent 18 police patrols to the field in January alone. There are currently over 80 of them in the city, adding to the network of security cameras. They are now also guarding areas of the university campus where there was no camera system before.”

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The city purchased more detectors

“The city installed sound detectors and cameras with high resolution, optical zoom or pan-tilt/zoom cameras in the new locations. The camera points are mostly located at street intersections or in areas with frequent movement of people.”

Protecting students at university

“If gunshots are heard on the campus of the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň, the security forces will know about them almost immediately. The city has had eight special sound detectors deployed on the campus.”

Czech TV: show Bilance

“How does the audio event detector work? Reporters from Czech Television came to see for themselves the positive benefits of the SED detector. Take a closer look at our solution that saves lives and protects property against vandals.”

Cameras in Pilsen & Ostrava can hear

“The Sound Event Detector (SED) from Jalud Embedded in Pilsen can be installed either as a stand-alone sensor or, even more economically, as software directly into the cameras in the system.”

Team JALUD Embedded



Dont’t worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job.
It serves for a good purpose, the product does not infringe our privacy and bring faster emergency response.
We have created a product that is not only innovative but also helps the world to be a safer place!



Never say something is impossible to make or there comes a fool who doesn’t know it is impossible to make and makes it.
The deteriorating security situation in the world is forcing people to give up their privacy more and more at the expense of security. SED gives an option to increase public security without loosing privacy.
It has been always my dream to found a company that is focused on innovative product.



Creating and producing a quality product that looks simple is a difficult process and a challenge for me.
An inconspicuous gadget that will bring a greater sense of security in today’s world full of pitfalls.
After years of working for the automotive industry, a fresh breath of meaningful work.


Business Developer

“Most people overlook the opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work.” (Thomas Alva Edison)
I have children and so I know that a parent’s life is filled with constant worry for them. With SED, there can be a little less fear and no loss of privacy.
I’ve always wanted to be involved in a cause that is meaningful and that I enjoy. In JALUD I found both.



Do what makes you happy.
An almost invisible thing that can save a life.
A product that has a positive impact and a great team of people behind it.

Libor Novák

M&A - Merger and Acquisition

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